Industry Experience

We work across a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer goods and retail
  • Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Information Technology
  • Media and Communication
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Mining and Resources
  • Tourism and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Outsourcing
  • Logistics

Alberto Fascetti – Our Breadth

Our Breadth

Titan Partners has worked with FastVisa’s founders as strategic partners for many years. They are proactive, results focused and work hard to provide clients their Visa quickly, not just assisting in Visa migration for individuals but assisting corporates as a whole with their staffing into Australia. We continue to refer clients to FastVisa as we know they will look after them with the highest levels of quality, integrity and professionalism.

Titan Partners
Steve di Leo, Co Founder, Titan Partners.

Why Fastvisa

You want your visa, fast. You want quick results and impact. You want a one stop shop. You want someone with a strong track record. You want us to be proactive, organised and forward looking. You want us to go the extra mile for you.

That is all we focus on. We get A+ results by giving you A+ people, effort and technology. We have the highest internal expectations of what great service is to drive results.

We are:

  • Fast: Our experienced professionals and technology drive results.
  • Reliable: We train staff have strict processes in place to make your experience with us excellent every time.
  • Personal: The founders of Fastvisa have been migrants and have lived through the issues.

We are proactive, get on the front foot, and provide you the best path to deliver your results.

We have been in our clients’ shoes, and have put in place a solution to take away much of the pain.


See the results from our clients. 

Stefano Solferini – Why FastVisa

Why FastVisa

As Australian businesses increase their participation in the global economy, they will also need to improve their capability to relocate skilled staff all over the world. Fastvisa has been specifically designed to make this exercise as fast and as easy as possible, and the NSW Business Chamber will always support companies that make it easier for our members to do business.

New South Wales Business Council
Stephen Cartwright, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Business Chamber