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New Global Talent Visa Pilot


A new Global Talent Visa  pilot will start on 1 July 2018. Australia will pilot the new visa scheme for 12 months to boost innovation and technical know-how. Let’s explore further...

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*Update* Global Immigration Changes...


Global immigration never stands still -here, we focus on the latest worldwide immigration news, including recent and upcoming changes to immigration regulations in Ireland, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Argentina and Singapore...

Posted by Alberto Fascetti on Mar 21, 2018 10:05:51 PM

India Unveils FutureSkills Platform to Upskill its Technology Workforce



India is  future-proofing its technology workforce  with a new  FutureSkills  platform for skills development across eight varied technologies, starting with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

FutureSkills was launched by NASSCOM, the National Association of Software and Services Companies and recently unveiled by India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi, who praised the initiative and its vision to create skills for India’s future jobs market.

Other technologies under the  FutureSkills  project include Virtual Reality, Robotic Process Automation, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, 3D Printing, Cloud Computing, Social and Mobile. The overall aim is to  up-skill two million technology professions  and  skill another two million potential employees and students  over the next few years.

Let’s find out more about this ambitious skills development platform and what it means for India...


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New Global Talent Visa Pilot

Mar 23, 2018 9:47:16 PM

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