Australia’s Growing Demand for Tech Skills

Posted by Alberto Fascetti on Nov 27, 2018 12:54:12 AM


Tech workers

During the past year we’ve seen a significant rise in the number of jobs advertised across Australia and a particularly strong demand for STEM skills.

Great opportunities are available for those with engineering or IT skills. But, when it comes to filling vacancies in these sectors, many companies have complained of a global talent shortage. Let’s explore further...

Australia’s job market

Data collected by global employment marketplace ‘SEEK’ revealed a 14.7% increase in job advertisements throughout Australia at the beginning of 2018, compared to 12 months earlier.

Overall, the strongest sectors for job growth are:

- Mining, resources and energy which saw a 54% increase,

- Engineering, with a 25% increase,

- Science and technology following close behind with a 22% increase, and;

- Government and defence with a 21% increase.

Managing Director at SEEK ANZ, Kendra Banks, says the outlook is good for jobseekers, with those in some sectors seeing an increasing range of opportunities.

"We’re seeing a strong national demand for STEM skills – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – which reflects a global talent shortage,” Kendra Banks said.  “This ’talent shortage’ has been identified by Australian CEOs as one of their top business risk areas," she added.

Following momentous changes to Australia’s work visa system in 2017, many businesses, particularly in the tech and startup sectors, have struggled to fill skills gaps and have been lobbying the government for change

SEEK 2018

[Source: SEEK Employment Data Report]

Job ads for local government are also on the rise with a 31% increase and more than 1,200 vacancies available at the beginning of 2018.

Real estate and property and banking and financial services showed weak job growth, but the only sector to decline throughout Australia was Arts, Advertising, and Media, with an 8% drop compared to the previous year.

States and territories

In terms of STEM-sector opportunities, Victoria has the highest jobs growth at 30%, followed by 24% in Queensland and 21% in New South Wales.

SEEK’s data showed that Victoria and New South Wales had steady month-on-month growth, up 0.5% and 0.2 per cent respectively. The ACT was the weakest area, showing an 8.2% drop in January 2018, down from 7.3% growth in December.

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IT Brief - Demand for Tech Skills Intensifies Across Australia

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