Posted by Alberto Fascetti on Oct 13, 2017 10:33:51 PM

International Students: Do you Know your Australian Workplace Rights?

The Fair Work Ombudsman is urging international students to seek help if they experience workplace issues in Australia.

International students make up a large chunk of temporary entrants to Australia. In July this year, overseas students numbered more than 560,000.

Last month the Fair Work Ombudsman, Natalie James, published an open letter to international students encouraging them to stay informed about their Australian workplace rights and speak out if they have any concerns about their employment.

Posted by Alberto Fascetti on Feb 4, 2017 2:11:19 AM

Australian Immigration: An Overview of 2016

Immigration has been at the forefront of debate in Australia throughout 2016, with published reports and media articles discussing the current migration programme and its impact on our labour markets and economy. During the last year we’ve seen plenty of changes to visa legislation, as well as new visa options and the consolidation of certain visa classes.

In this post we’ll take a look back at Australian immigration news during 2016 and make some predictions for the next 12 months...


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