Posted by Alberto Fascetti on Feb 10, 2016 2:31:00 AM

Australia Needs Skilled Engineers

Engineers have long been welcomed as skilled migrants to Australia. Most engineering occupations are listed on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Plus, the skills assessment for engineers will accept graduate level candidates without work experience.

Posted by Alberto Fascetti on Jan 29, 2016 11:15:00 PM

Bright Sparks Needed: New Visa Options for ICT & STEM Graduates

New visa options for ICT and STEM graduates have been announced following Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s recent ‘National Innovation and Science’ agenda. 

Posted by Alberto Fascetti on Jan 14, 2016 2:03:00 AM

FastVisa Boost Indian Connections at NASSCOM Conference

FastVisa recently enjoyed a session in Sydney attended by NASSCOM. The National Association of Software and Services Companies is the industry association for the IT-BPM sector in India.


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