Partner and Family Visas 

Partner and family visas are designed for Partners, Parents and Children of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible NZ citizens or those NZ citizen holding temporary visas. Depending on which visa you apply for, you may be granted a temporary or permanent residency visa. The application will be assessed and a decision made depending on your relationship with your Australian, PR or eligible NZ citizen family member.  


Partner Visa (Temporary and Permanent)

The Partner visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen to live and work in Australia permanently.

The visa applicant and the "sponsor" must be married to or in a de facto relationship (including same sex).

The applicant must be in Australia at the time of application and when the visa is granted - usually two years later. 

Generally, the Partner Visa is processed in two stages:

1. Temporary stage (subclass 820) visa. This visa is valid until a decision is made on the permanent residency application; and

2. Permanent stage (subclass 801) after approximately two years from submitting the temporary application.

The Partner visa has full work and study rights. It requires applicants to demonstrate that they are in a genuine and continuing relationship with their Australian partner at both temporary and permanent stages.


What can you do?

The Temporary Visa (subclass 820) allows you to:

  • live in Australia untila a decision is made on you permanent Partner visa
  • work in Australia
  • study in Australia, but with no access to government funding
  • enroll in Medicare

The Permanent Visa (subclass 801) allows you to:

  • live in Australia indefinitely
  • work and study in Australia
  • apply for Australian citizenship (if you are eligible)
  • sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • receive some social security payments
  • travel to and from Australia for 5 years from the date the visa is granted. After that, you will need a Resident Return Visa visa to enter Australia

Visa Applicant Requirements

You must be married or in a de facto relationship (same sex included) with one of the following:

  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a New Zealand citizen
The relationship between you and your partner must be genuine and continuing and you must live together. Any periods of separation must be temporary only and contact must be maintained during such periods.

Sponsoring Partner Requirements

As a sponsor, you must:

  • be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or New Zealand citizen
  • be married or in a de facto relationship (same sex included) with your partner
  • be 18 years old or more
The relationship between you and your partner must be genuine and continuing and you must live together. Any periods of separation must be temporary only and contact must be maintained during such periods.

Getting Started 

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*Source: Australian Department of Home Affairs

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